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Martin Welsby


Kiel Mitchell


Klaudia Cios

Klaudia is a multidisciplinary creative who mainly works in realms of Design and has recently acquired a degree in Graphic Design from The University of Huddersfield. She specialises in branding, editorial design and illustration, for both digital and print. Klaudia is also experienced in product, space and event photography and has sufficient compositional skills developed through her interest of capturing things in unobvious ways. She also has experience with motion graphics and video.

Mason Rowbottom

Mason has a passion and an eye for great videography and photography with three years’ experience piloting drones. He has produced a number of promotional videos, live event videos and product and service advertisements. He has also produced many artistic short films, ranging from travel videos in Thailand to scenic landscape videos in Yorkshire. Mason also has an academic background with a first class honours at The University of Huddersfield in Mechanical Engineering.

Richard Chinn

Richard is a videographer and photographer and has over 9 years experience. He has produced content for TV stations, filmed and photographed live event across Europe and has also created content for a range of businesses. Richard has academic recognition, gaining first class honours at The University of Salford in Professional Sound and Video Technology.

Patrick Lawrence

Patrick is a qualified specialist in visual, audio and video technologies and has experience designing websites for companies, social enterprises and charities. As alumni of The University of Salford and being well acquainted with MediaCityUK, he has acquired a strong skill set in a range of digital practices and techniques.

Website Design

We design, create and build bespoke websites enabling you to have a attractive and modern presence on the Internet.

All the websites we make are responsive and will work on all devices from smartphone to desktop.


A good quality video can advertise your business, explain your products or service in ways that have more impact than just the written word.

With our expertise and state of the art equipment we can insure you have amazing, thought provoking videos to give all viewers a positive impression… and all in 4K.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

We can capture dramatic and striking imagery to make sure your company, your products and your services get noticed.


A good brand says everything about your business, product or service. It is more than just a logo …. It is the visual representation of your company, your ethics and your values.

Mind Over Media will work together with you to design and create a branding portfolio that will stand out in the crowd.

Social Media

Make the most of Social Media. It’s a great way to get your company noticed and build up networks of customers and followers.

Mind Over Media will help you to create your Social Media presence and use the services they provide to their maximum potential for you to be in reach to as many people as possible.


SEO or Search engine optimization is a process of ensuring the online visibility of a website on a search engine.

To create business opportunities, you need to be seen. Make sure your website and brand is up there when a customer does a Google search.

Mind Over Media will help you get noticed on the internet by ensuring you are at the top!

Website Domain & Hosting

In order for us to make you a website it has to have a unique domain name and it needs to be hosted somewhere.

Mind Over Media will walk you through choosing a specific name that fits with your brand.

We will also find you value for money hosting services that provide fast speeds, effective bandwidths and unlimited disk space.